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I’ve not blogged or read in a while because I have not only been in the biggest reading & creative slump ever but I’ve also been mega busy with work. *yawn* Work has been super crazy lately and has left me with no time for anything. But when I saw all the details about The Reading Quest, I just knew I had to participate. I want my reading and creative mojo back!!

So although I’ve been crazy busy, I’ve still somehow (using work time. Oops) managed to decide on which character I am going to begin my quest with and the books I intend to read. (Not gonna lie, but being able to multi-task does have it’s advantages & I’m not even gonna apologise that I drafted this during work hours).

Thank you Hannah for creating my character card for me. I appreciate it massively and I absolutely love it.

To begin my quest, I’ve chosen to follow the path of the Knight which is inspired by action and weaponry. I’ve chosen some of my favourites so that I have no excuses not to complete some of the other quests.

My current To Be Read books for the Knight’s quest list looks like this:

  • The 1st book of a series = The Queen of the Tearling
  • A book with a verb in its title = (to be decided)
  • A Book with a weapon on its cover = (to be decided)
  • A book with a red cover = Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone
  • A book that has a TV/movie adaptation = 13 Reasons Why or The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Aimee x


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